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Time of publication:2020-09-15 09:56

In order to thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech and important instructions on coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and fully implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government on promoting epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, Give full play to the role of "shock absorber" and "propeller" in the financial industry in special periods, support enterprises in our city to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic with high-quality financial services, accelerate the resumption of work and production of enterprises, and promote the stable development of Zhuhai's economy, and formulate the following policies Measures.
        1. Key Financial Services Support Objects
      (1) Strengthening government guidance, optimizing government services, coordinating financial institutions, implementing the principle of "the sooner you resume work, the greater the benefits", to protect key enterprises for epidemic prevention and control, small, medium and micro enterprises that are more affected by the epidemic and have difficulties in capital turnover and resume work Enterprises with large capital needs in the resumption of production provide "point-to-point" high-quality financial services.
       2. Fully implement various financial support policies of "Banking, Securities and Insurance"
      (2) Make good use of the special re-loan of the People's Bank of China. Docking with banking institutions and enterprises, supporting key epidemic prevention and control enterprises to ensure that enterprises apply for re-loan funds from the People's Bank of China for epidemic prevention and control, giving full play to the advantages of policy-based finance and reducing corporate financial costs.
      (3) Solve the financing needs of key financial service targets through multiple channels. Encourage banking institutions to not draw, continue to lend, and refrain from lending to key financial service targets, and provide extended loan repayment, extended loan renewal, lower interest rates, reduction or exemption of overdue interest, and increased credit loans and medium- and long-term loan support.
      (4) Improve financial services in the social and livelihood sectors affected by the epidemic. Encourage financial institutions to give appropriate credit policies to staff participating in epidemic prevention and control and those who have temporarily lost their source of income due to the epidemic, flexibly adjust housing mortgage, credit card and other personal credit repayment arrangements, and reasonably delay the repayment period.
      (5) Give full play to the role of a green channel for listing services. Accelerate the promotion of the listing and financing of enterprises related to epidemic prevention and control, and guide and support small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the epidemic to issue corporate collective bonds, private enterprise bond financing support tools, and credit mitigation vouchers to ease short-term funding pressure.
      (6) Support listed companies to properly cope with repayment and regulatory risks. Support listed companies that encounter difficulties in stock pledge, corporate bond redemption, information disclosure, etc. due to the impact of the epidemic, communicate and negotiate with regulatory agencies such as the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Interbank Market Dealers Association, and stock exchanges to formulate targeted measures, within the scope permitted by the policy Internally, flexibly and appropriately adjust corporate information disclosure, debt repayment and other regulatory and performance matters to minimize the negative impact of the epidemic on the capital market.
      (7) Encourage insurance institutions to give full play to the insurance protection function. For insurance claims customers who contract the new crown pneumonia or suffer from the impact of the epidemic, insurance companies should give priority to them, appropriately expand the scope of liability, and should pay all the claims and settle the claims quickly.
       3. Actively play the role of local financial enterprises and provide diversified financial service support
      (8) Optimize small loan services for enterprises. After approval, microfinance companies with excellent regulatory indicators can relax their financing leverage ratio to 5 times their net assets, and raise the upper limit of single-family loan balances to no more than 5% of the registered capital and no more than 10 million yuan. Encourage microfinance companies to reduce loan interest rates, reduce or exempt handling fees, extend or extend loans for 1-3 months, exempt 1-3 months of penalty interest, and improve loan renewal arrangements for companies related to the prevention and control of the epidemic, companies and individuals that are more affected by the epidemic , Increase credit loans and medium and long-term loans.
      (9) Reduce government guarantee fees. For the financing guarantee business of small, medium and micro enterprises related to the prevention and control of the epidemic, government financing guarantee agencies have cancelled the counter-guarantee requirements, and the guarantee fee charged shall not exceed 1% of the loan amount. For small and micro enterprises that do not have the ability to repay, the government financing guarantee agency that provides financing guarantee services for them should perform their compensation obligations in a timely manner, and appropriately extend the time limit for recovery according to the impact of the epidemic. If the conditions for write-off are met, the agency will be written off according to regulations. Compensation for losses.
       (10) Relieve the pressure of financial lease repayment. Financial leasing companies should adjust the repayment period and repayment methods of companies that are more affected by the epidemic, and reduce or exempt rent interest for no more than 6 months as appropriate, and exempt rent penalty interest.
       (11) Strengthen the role of commercial factoring financing. Encourage commercial factoring companies to give priority to providing factoring financing for health, epidemic prevention, biomedical and other companies, and appropriately reduce financing interest rates for small, medium and micro enterprises that are greatly affected by the epidemic, extend the term of factoring financing, and reduce or exempt penalty interest.
       (12) Lower the renewal rate of pawn shops. During the period of epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production, pawn shops are encouraged to not blindly deal with the overdue and absolute pawning of those who are greatly affected by the epidemic and cannot handle the redemption or renewal of the pawn. For those who have a need for renewal, the renewal can be accepted first, and the period for the current account to pay the initial interest and the current renewal comprehensive fee is encouraged to be appropriately extended, and the original monthly comprehensive rate is reduced by 1‰-5‰ as appropriate. Rate.
       4. Increase financial support to reduce the financial burden of corporate financing
      (13) Actively strive for central fiscal funds, provide financial discount support for loans to key enterprises guaranteed by epidemic prevention and control, and increase interest discount support for entrepreneurial guaranteed loans for enterprises and individuals affected by the epidemic.
      (14) Implement the relevant financial benefits of the municipal government, give full play to the role of the "four-in-one" and other municipal and district financing service platforms, and provide interest subsidies and government risk sharing for corporate loans issued by banking institutions at preferential interest rates.
      (15) Establish a special fund for resumption of work and production. For new loans (including extensions) issued by Zhuhai's legal person bank to small and medium-sized enterprises in our city during the period of epidemic prevention and control, interest subsidies will be provided to enterprises in accordance with 50% of the loan market quoted interest rate (LPR) of the current period when the loan contract is signed, and the interest discount period shall not exceed 3 Month, a single enterprise does not exceed RMB 50,000. During the epidemic prevention and control period, Zhuhai City Banks will provide corporate subsidies at 50% of the discount fee for the bill discounting business of enterprises related to epidemic prevention and control and small, medium and micro enterprises that resume work and production before the end of May, and the maximum single discount subsidy does not exceed 50,000 yuan. Re-guarantee the loan financing and bond financing business of our city's small, medium and micro enterprises guaranteed by our city's financing guarantee agency from February to September 2020. When compensation occurs, the fund and the guarantee company will share the risk at a ratio of 5:5 respectively.
      (16) Encourage all districts to increase financial investment to ease the financing difficulties of key financial services.
       5. Strengthen policy guarantees
      (17) During the epidemic prevention and control period, banks in the city that do not draw out loans, continue to lend, do not suppress loans, and assist small and medium-sized enterprises in our city to provide credit support (new loans, renewal or extension of mature loans, and reduction or exemption of loan interest) During the period of epidemic prevention and control, as well as the city's small and medium-sized enterprises and front-line related personnel of epidemic prevention and control in our city, the city's insurance institutions that provide paid and free special epidemic insurance protection (free shares, insurance claims, etc.), on the day when the epidemic response in Guangdong Province ends Carry out evaluations, and the results of the evaluation will be used as evaluation elements for the cooperation between the government and the bank and the government insurance business in the coming year.
      (18) Appropriately adjust the assessment standards for state-controlled small loan companies, small refinance companies, financing guarantee companies and other local financial enterprises and senior management personnel, increase the tolerance of non-performing loans, implement due diligence, and support them in the epidemic Play a greater role in prevention and control.
      (19) The preferential policies stipulated in this measure and other preferential policies of the same type in Zhuhai shall not be enjoyed repeatedly.
       This measure will be implemented from the date of issuance and will be valid until December 31, 2020

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