Zhuhai City's policies and measures to respond to the epidem

Time of publication:2020-09-15 09:53

In order to implement the central, provincial, and municipal party committees' decisions and deployments on the overall promotion of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic growth, we will do a solid job of "six stability", accelerate the improvement of manufacturing competitiveness, promote high-quality development of manufacturing, and strive to achieve The goals and tasks for economic and social development throughout the year are to formulate these policies and measures.
        1. Encourage enterprises to "small upgrades"
       We will implement "small-scale upgrades" as an incentive for corporate growth, encourage companies under regulations to accelerate their growth, and accelerate the development of newly upgraded companies, so as to ensure that there are 120 new industrial companies above designated size within the year. In 2020, industrial enterprises, software and information technology service enterprises that meet the above-scale standards and enter the statistical online direct reporting directory for the first time will be given a reward of 100,000 yuan in the first year. If there is provincial support funds, they can also enjoy it. For the enterprises that remain in the statistical online direct reporting directory after the 2018-2019 upgrade, if the total industrial output value in 2020 increases by 10%-15% (including 15%) year-on-year, 200,000 yuan will be rewarded; those with an increase of more than 15% , Reward 300,000 yuan, can enjoy the provincial and municipal policies at the same time.
        2. Encourage industrial investment and technological transformation investment
        Industrial enterprises purchase land to implement industrial investment projects, complete plant completion acceptance, equipment purchases exceeding 5 million yuan (excluding tax) and put them into production between February 1 and June 30, 2020, and are included in the 2020 industrial investment statistics , Give the actual person in charge of the project a one-time reward of up to 500,000 yuan. Implement the provincial and municipal three-level project service mechanism, accelerate the construction of 22 key projects such as Yibo Technology and Deli Technology, promote the accelerated construction of 61 key projects such as Shenlian Circuits and Jingwang Electronics, and promote Suntak Electronics and Enjie 21 key projects including the second phase of lithium battery separators were completed and put into operation, and 300 enterprises were promoted to implement technological transformation.
        3. Promote enterprises to "go to the cloud and go to the platform"
        Cultivate more than 10 industrial Internet application benchmark enterprises. Support industrial enterprises to use public cloud platforms, support the extensive application of business systems such as R&D and design, supply chain collaboration, warehouse management, energy management, resource planning, production collaboration, and equipment IoT, to achieve digital lean production, network collaboration, and intelligent operation. Personalized flexible manufacturing, service-oriented operation and maintenance, etc., for enterprises that apply for the support of the service voucher for provincial-level industrial enterprises on the “cloud platform”, they will be rewarded and compensated according to the percentage of the contract amount (of which they are included in the category A rewards and subsidies by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology). The category of application service product rewards and subsidies ratio is 80%, and the rewards and subsidies ratio of category B is 40%), and does not exceed the upper limit of the rewards and subsidies of the category to which the application belongs.
        Fourth, accelerate the construction of 5G infrastructure
        Study and introduce policies and measures to achieve full coverage of 5G networks in the city, increase financial support, guide and urge telecom operators to increase 5G investment, take multiple measures to solve common problems of telecom operators in building 5G networks, and use the city's efforts to accelerate 5G networks Construction, and strive to complete the construction of more than 2,500 5G base stations throughout the year to achieve universal coverage in areas above townships.
        5. Speed ​​up the implementation of enterprise support funds.
        Streamline the process of disbursement of industrial support funds. For inclusive incentive policy funds and "small upgrades" incentive funds, under the premise of ensuring safety, adopt the most simplified procedures for storage, release and allocation of funds, and improve the progress of fund expenditures to ensure that 2020 In the first quarter of the year, the second allocation of funds expenditure reached 30%. The remaining provincial and municipal industrial and information industry support funds, except for special circumstances such as annual tax data to determine the amount, the expenditure progress reached 80% by the end of June 2020 , To give full play to the steady growth effect of funds as soon as possible.
        6. Implementing the working mechanism of key industrial enterprises' hanging point service
        Set up a special working group to adopt a “one-to-one” or “one-to-many” approach to closely strengthen communication with enterprises, and personally help enterprises to coordinate and solve various specific problems and issues in resumption of work and production, project investment, and production and operation. Difficulties, to help companies accelerate the completion of annual investment and production plans. Utilizing the "Tracking Service Mechanism for Hundreds of Key Manufacturing Enterprises" by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, we will make every effort to coordinate the return of key employees of Gree and other 6 key manufacturing enterprises as soon as possible, and the upstream and downstream supporting enterprises to resume work as soon as possible, so as to support Gree Electric Appliances to become stronger and better To promote the construction of Gree Electric Hengqin Headquarters Building and Gaolan Port Intelligent Air Conditioning Industrial Park. Strive for the city's regulated industrial enterprises (except for non-epidemic factors that cause suspension of work) to achieve an overall capacity utilization rate of over 90% by the end of March.
       7. Intensify efforts to clean up arrears in private and SMEs
       Implement the work mechanism for clearing arrears, promote administrative agencies, public institutions and state-owned enterprises to accelerate the progress of account payment, and prevent the formation of new overdue arrears. Intensify efforts to clean up the outstanding accounts of SMEs.
        8. Further improve the monitoring level of industrial economic operation
        Establish a big data platform for the industrial economy in Zhuhai, integrate all aspects of the city’s economic operation data, comprehensively strengthen the monitoring and analysis of the overall situation of the city’s industrial enterprises resuming work and production and production and operation, give judgments and early warnings on the operational risks of the real economy, and promptly propose control measures Suggest. This policy will be implemented from the date of issuance, and the policy will be valid until December 31, 2020. This policy is interpreted by the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and if adjustments are made to the scope and standards of the current policies that have been issued, this policy shall prevail. The municipal-level bonus funds involved in this policy shall be jointly borne by the municipal and district finance in proportion to the tax share. The relevant support and reward standards of this policy are higher than those of the "Certain Policies and Measures to Further Support the High-Quality Development of the Real Economy in Zhuhai" (Zhu Gongxin [2019] No. 613). This policy shall prevail. After this policy expires, the "Zhuhai City" Further support the implementation of several policy measures for the high-quality development of the real economy.

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