Implementation Opinions of Zhuhai Municipal People's Governm

Time of publication:2020-09-15 09:51

The Management Committee of Hengqin New District, all districts (functional areas), all departments of the municipal government, and all directly affiliated institutions:
       In order to implement the central, provincial and municipal party committees' decisions and deployments on the overall promotion of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and economic growth, the "six stability" work should be solidly carried out, giving full play to the polarity, initiative and creativity of all parties, focusing on problems and implementing precise policies , To quickly minimize the impact of the epidemic on the economy, promote economic operations as soon as possible to enter the normal track, and strive to achieve the annual economic and social development goals and tasks, and formulate the following implementation opinions.
1. Give full play to the key supporting role of investment
    (1) Fully promote the resumption of work of key projects. Strengthen element service guarantees, promote key projects to focus on epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and construction progress on the other, and strive to achieve "more than half of the time and more than half of the task" investment in key projects by the end of June. 129 new key projects were started in batches on a quarterly basis, and the resumption rate of key projects reached 100% before March 15th, and 100% of the projects planned for the first quarter started. (Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, key project lead and responsible unit, districts (functional areas))
     (2) Step up plans to promote the "three batches" of key projects. In key areas, key industries and social and people’s livelihoods where conditions are mature, a number of key projects will be newly launched during the year. In the fields of public health facilities, material security, environmental protection facilities and rural public services, a number of projects with mature construction conditions to make up for shortcomings have been launched. Organize pre-declaration for the "14th Five-Year Plan" project, and plan a number of leading and driving forces around the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, deepening cooperation between Zhuhai and Macao, major transportation infrastructure, major industrial development platforms, and public health system construction. Big project. (Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, key project lead and responsible unit, districts (functional areas))
     (3) Stabilize investment in the real economy. Further sort out the real economy projects that have not been implemented or started since 2017, and promote the implementation of projects and start construction as soon as possible. Formulate work ledgers to promote the construction of key manufacturing projects. Promote 22 projects such as Double Happiness Intelligent Technology Park and Guanyu Battery to start construction before the end of June, and ensure that 21 projects including Suntak Electronics and Enjie lithium battery separator phase II will be completed and put into production by the end of June not less than 50%. Speed ​​up the construction of 61 key projects such as Shenzhen United Circuit and Jingwang Electronics. Stabilize real estate investment, formulate an operating land transfer plan of 30 billion yuan in the first half of the year, pay close attention to the transfer of a batch of commercial and residential land, launch a batch of "three old" transformation urban renewal projects, and ensure that no less than 12,000 public buildings are newly started. Rental housing and talent housing. (The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, and the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau)
2. Accelerate the promotion of consumption replenishment and potential release
     (4) Helping industries that are severely affected by the epidemic, such as accommodation, catering, tourism, and transportation. Accelerate the completion and opening of a number of commercial complexes such as Jinwan Huafa Commercial City and Youte Commercial Plaza, and encourage large-scale commercial complexes to build a unified settlement system. Support the expansion and strengthening of the business service industry, explore the issuance of consumer coupons, vouchers and other policy measures, encourage business, cultural and tourism enterprises to organize food festivals, shopping festivals, cultural tourism seasons and other promotional activities to promote the release of consumption potential. Rewards will be given to enterprises in the wholesale, retail, accommodation and catering industries that are included in the statistics of the scale above designated size for the first time. Support and encourage manufacturing enterprises to establish sales companies for specialized marketing. Vigorously promote information consumption, accelerate the construction of 5G infrastructure, promote 5G technology commercial and terminal consumption, expand 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video consumption, and encourage online entertainment, online office, online education, telemedicine and other new business upgrades. Study the phased reduction and exemption of terminal usage fees and miscellaneous fees for island people's livelihood freight companies, and phased reduction of port charges and port storage fees. (The Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau (Municipal Port Administration), the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, all districts (functional areas))
    (5) Promote consumption of automobiles and home appliances. Research and promulgate policies to subsidize consumers who purchase "National VI" standard-emission vehicles from automobile sales companies registered in Zhuhai, and provide venues, publicity input subsidies, and sales incentives to auto show layout companies and auto sales companies that meet the regulations . Simplify car registration and second-hand car transaction procedures, and optimize auto financial services. Promote the exchange of old home appliances for new, and support the sales and promotion of home appliance manufacturers. (Led by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce)
3. Stabilize the basic market for foreign trade and foreign investment
    (6) Make every effort to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment. Increase financial support for foreign trade enterprises affected by the epidemic, and make good use of tools such as export tax rebates, export credit insurance, and force majeure factual proofs to minimize the losses of foreign trade entities. Further reduce the overall customs clearance time for import and export goods, and further standardize and reduce port charges. Study and formulate policies and measures to strengthen investment promotion to promote project commencement and production, and promote the early implementation of industrial projects. Seize the opportunity of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone and prepare for the city's investment promotion conference. Give full play to the advantages of the Internet platform, integrate various investment resources, and promote online investment promotion through online negotiation, video conference, and online signing. (Led by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce)
4. Promote high-quality industrial development
    (7) Increase support for manufacturing. We will spare no effort to serve key manufacturing companies, and coordinate and solve the problems of insufficient protective materials, capital shortages, difficulties in recruiting labor, and broken upstream and downstream supply chains, and strive to resume work and production of industrial enterprises above designated size by early March at 100% and capacity utilization Overall it reaches more than 80%. We will fully support Gree Electric Appliances becoming stronger, better and bigger, and promote the construction of Gree Electric's Hengqin Headquarters Building, Gaolan Port Smart Air Conditioning Industrial Park and 10,000 talent housing projects before the end of June. The implementation of "small upgrades" rewards will ensure that 120 new industrial enterprises above designated size will be added during the year, 300 industrial enterprises above designated size will be promoted throughout the year to complete technological transformation, and more than 10 industrial Internet application benchmark enterprises will be cultivated. (The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, each district (functional area))
     (8) Promote the restoration of growth in the construction industry. The key engineering projects with "more than half of the time and more than half of the investment progress" will be rewarded in accordance with the law, and additional points will be given to the annual assessment of the lead unit. Various types of financial support for the development of the construction industry must be implemented as soon as possible, and those that meet the conditions must be honored in advance. Companies will be given a one-time reward for resuming work based on the number of people returning to work in time, and appropriate subsidies will be provided for companies to purchase accidental injury group insurance for construction workers (including new coronary pneumonia). In-depth implementation of the liaison system for key engineering projects to coordinate and solve the problems of epidemic prevention and control, safe production, equipment and materials. Establish a construction material demand information exchange mechanism, study the role of state-owned enterprises, establish a sound system and mechanism for the overall planning of the purchase, storage, and supply of major construction materials to ensure the supply of construction materials for major projects. (Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission)
     (9) Strengthen the supporting role of finance on the real economy. Grasp the window period for the country’s monetary policy to be more flexible and appropriate, increase efforts to support the development of the real economy, formulate policies and measures for the financial industry to support epidemic prevention and control and economic development, establish a list of key projects and key enterprises, and increase the focus on epidemic prevention and control areas As well as special credit support for enterprises affected by the epidemic, we will actively strive for, accurately coordinate, and promptly implement various funds to ensure financing. Coordinate and guide banking institutions to further reduce the comprehensive financing costs of enterprises by appropriately lowering loan interest rates, reducing or exempting other costs, and appropriately relaxing mortgage and guarantee conditions. Guide insurance companies to give priority to insurance claims for customers who are out of risk affected by the epidemic, so as to make all the claims pay as quickly as possible. (Led by the Municipal Financial Work Bureau)
     (10) Promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market. In accordance with the principle of "one city, one policy, precise implementation", timely research and adjustment of relevant policies on the real estate market will be conducted to rationally optimize real estate control measures. Studying policies and measures such as optimizing the management of pre-sale funds, reducing land bidding performance bonds in stages, paying land transfer prices in installments, and handling relevant construction procedures to accommodate the shortage of real estate companies to overcome difficulties. (Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Bureau)
     (11) Intensify support for resumption of employment and job stabilization. Measures such as government chartered vehicles, high-speed rail trains, and subsidized enterprises' independent chartered vehicles have been adopted to help enterprises solve the problem of "difficulty returning to work". Enterprises are encouraged to give differentiated rewards to employees who resume work on March 15 and before the end of March, and appropriate financial subsidies. Encourage companies to set up recruitment teams to go to their counterparts to help regions and labor export locations within and outside the province to assist companies in targeted cross-regional recruitment. Fully implement policies such as job stabilization subsidies and enterprise recruitment subsidies, and districts with conditions should further raise standards. Actively carry out online employment assistance activities and promote online remote video recruitment. (The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Taxation Bureau, each district (functional area))
Five, safeguard measures
     (1) Squeeze and consolidate the main responsibility of steady growth. Implement the deployment of the Eighth Plenary Session of the Eighth Session of the Municipal Party Committee, adhere to the main economic indicators and objectives, and the requirements will not drop, and pay close attention to the regional GDP, the added value of industries above designated size, fixed asset investment, total retail sales of consumer goods, foreign trade import and export and other economic The growth-related indicators are broken down and distributed to all districts and departments, and they are implemented month by month and quarter by quarter. Improve the stable growth work mechanism, set up three special work classes for the city's enterprise human resources support, financial support, and raw material supply support to carry out precise support for enterprises. All districts (functional areas) shall simultaneously set up corresponding special classes, increase work intensity, and provide personalized support and services according to the needs of enterprises. (The Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Municipal Financial Work Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, and the districts (functional areas))
    (2) Establish a “1+7” policy system for stabilizing growth. All units must carefully study and judge the impact of the epidemic, and focus on the “pain points” and “difficulties” of enterprises in resuming production and production. Based on this opinion, they should research and introduce the recent stable growth policies and measures of related industries as soon as possible to promote the formation of a “1+7” policy for stable growth. In principle, relevant policies and measures must be introduced in early March, while strengthening the implementation, tracking and evaluation of the policies that have been introduced. All districts (functional districts) should refer to the city’s practices and establish a sound growth stabilization policy system.
1. "Several Measures to Further Promote Investment Growth in Zhuhai" (The Municipal Development and Reform Bureau takes the lead)
2. "Zhuhai City's Policy Measures on Accelerating the Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry in Response to the Epidemic" (The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology takes the lead)
3. "Several Measures of Zhuhai City to Support Enterprises in Resuming Work and Stabilizing Jobs" (The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau takes the lead)
4. "Special Policies and Measures to Support Enterprise Employees in Zhuhai City" (The Municipal Finance Bureau takes the lead)
5. "Several Measures on Financial Support to Resumption of Work and Production to Promote Balanced Economic Development" (The Municipal Financial Work Bureau takes the lead)
6. "Several Measures of Zhuhai City on Further Optimizing Supply and Promoting Consumption Growth" (The Municipal Bureau of Commerce takes the lead)
7. "Several Measures of Zhuhai City to Respond to the Epidemic to Strengthen Investment Promotion and Promote the Commencement of Projects" (The Municipal Bureau of Commerce takes the lead)
     (3) Implement more proactive, accurate and effective fiscal policies. Adhere to overall consideration, scientific research and judgment, multiple measures, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, make full use of central budget funds, new bond funds, and various provincial fiscal funds to maximize the role of financial support for stabilizing growth. Fully evaluate and calculate the impact of increased expenditures and decreased revenues on the city's financial strength, resolutely reduce general expenditures, optimize the expenditure structure of departmental special funds, focus on short-term, strong stimulus, and provide precise support for industries and fields affected by the epidemic in classification and classification. (Led by the Municipal Finance Bureau)

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