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  Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone guards the outlet of Yamen, the main stream of Xijiang River, and has excellent conditions for port construction. It also has multi-modal transportation systems such as river-sea combined transport, sea-rail combined transport, sea-public combined transport and pipeline transportation.Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone adheres to the construction principle of "high starting point and high standard" and builds "one port, two centers and one gateway" (namely, China's coastal container trunk port, the distribution center of bulk bulk cargo, oil, gas and chemicals in South China, and the regional port logistics center, and the gateway of China's inland opening to the outside world). Gaolan port of the main channel for 15 t, the depth of 18.8 meters, has become the highest navigable level and water depth condition of the best in the west bank of pearl river mouth port, has now developed coastline of 29.5 km, 75 production berths have been completed, including 28 berths, with the pearl river delta region's largest 8-ton liquid chemical terminal and 8-ton oil wharf, container terminal 4 and 10 tons, two 50000 tons, 100000 tons of coal terminal, container terminal 150000 tons of dry bulk terminal and shenhua coal storage and transportation center, 15 - main channel expansion project construction has been finished, With the continuous improvement of the conditions for collecting and distributing, Gaolan has been established as the national energy receiving and discharging port, the leading port in the Xijiang River basin and the hub port in South China.

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