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Clean Energy Industry

  Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone has made full use of its unique geographical advantages to develop many projects such as natural gas power generation, natural gas chemical industry and accessory deep processing, etc., to build a state-level large-scale environmental protection and clean energy base. Annual processing capacity of 20 billion cubic meters of the south China sea natural gas onshore terminals, the total storage capacity of 20 million tons of LNG receiving station, China's cnooc, Beijing can group already sea power and cogeneration projects, as well as yudean group and large environmental protection electric energy base, gaolan island wind power engineering, integration of the clean energy industry chain, covering the whole pearl river delta and upgrading energy supply network.
  Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone will seize the great opportunity of developing oil and gas fields in the South China Sea, focus on developing related industries of natural gas and LIQUEFIED petroleum gas, strengthen the construction of clean energy base and the introduction of clean energy projects, form a clean energy industry chain and build a state-level clean energy base.

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