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  • In 1988
    The Zhuhai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government proposed "Develop the Great Western District and Build Gaolan Port" and implement the development strategy of the Great Western District of "One Port with the Overall Situation". Drive the big economy, and the big economy will bring great prosperity".
  • In 1990
    Construction began on the levee linking Gaolan Port with the land, followed by two 20,000-ton docks.
  • In 1994
    The zhuhai Avenue, which is connected with The Mudao Gate, Jitiumen Gate, Niwan Gate and Nanshui, with a total length of more than 50 kilometers, including 4 Bridges and more than 20 small sluices on the way, was completed. The time from the urban area to Gaolan Port was shortened to approximately One hour.
  • In July 2006
    The Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government implemented the system reform of "integrating districts and towns" in Gaolan Port, established the Economic Zone of Zhuhai Gaolan Port, and developed port-centered industries dominated by petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, electric power energy, warehousing and logistics, steel and iron, papermaking, etc. Built on July 25, 2008, port authority and zhuhai port group co., LTD., adjust, enrich the gaolan port economic zone management committee leadership form the port administration management, business development and port construction and development is a clear division of responsibilities and a body of work pattern, Marine engineering, petrochemical industry, clean energy development, port logistics is given priority to "3 + 1" industry.
  • In 2008
    Zhuhai Port Management Bureau and Zhuhai Port Group Co., Ltd. were established to increase inward investment and improve port hardware and software, and break through the traffic bottleneck externally.
  • In 2009
    In 2009, under the active promotion of Zhuhai Port Group, 13 port enterprises in 11 cities along the Xijiang River jointly established xijiang Port Alliance.
  • In July 2008
    The Zhuhai Municipal Party Committee and the Zhuhai municipal government put forward the strategy of "developing the Western Region and building gaolan Port", and implemented the development strategy of "one Port with overall situation". They decided to build a port in Gaolan Islands, hoping that "big ports will drive big industries, big industries will drive big economy and big economy will bring great prosperity".
  • In March 2012
    Approved by the State Council, Gaolan Port Economic Zone has been upgraded to a state-level economic and technological development zone and named as "Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone".
  • In November 2012
    The main line of Gaolan Port expressway was completed and opened to traffic, and the gaolan Port area collection and distribution system has become more perfect.
  • In December 2012
    The Guangzhou-Zhuhai Railway was officially opened to traffic, leaving Zhuhai with no railway history. Guangzhou-zhuhai railway fills the "blank" of freight railway in the west bank of The Pearl River Estuary, effectively breaks the bottleneck of guangzhou's westbound logistics, realizes the sea-rail combined transport in the west bank of the Pearl River Delta, and promotes the development of the west bank of the Pearl River Delta.
  • In 2017
    The total industrial output value of Gaolan Port exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the throughput of cargo at the port exceeded 100 million tons. This figure represents an increase of 300% over 2008, increasing the proportion of Zhuhai port from 30% to 90%, marking a new leap in the main port area after zhuhai port entered 100 million tons of ports in 2013. And the realization of "100 million tons of port" will further consolidate the gaolan Port national comprehensive transportation importance.
  • In February 2018
    The State Council approved the establishment of Zhuhai Gaolan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone in the 2.514 square kilometers of Gaolan Port Economic Zone, with the bonded business as the core, to provide enterprises with bonded logistics, bonded warehousing, bonded processing and trade exhibition services. In recent years, Gaolan Port Economic Zone has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of its industrial structure to create a new "3+1+2" modern industrial pattern dominated by ocean engineering equipment manufacturing, new materials, clean energy, modern port logistics, electronic information and household appliances.
  • In March 2020
    Approved by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, the Gaolan Port District New Materials Industrial Park was officially named "China Green New Materials (Zhuhai) Industrial Park", a good start and a solid foundation for Zhuhai City's 100-billion-level new materials industrial cluster.
  • In January,2021年
    Jinwan District and Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone have realized integrated operation.
  • Now
    The alliance has grown to 33 members, covering major ports and logistics enterprises along the Xijiang River, and has become the most influential platform for port and waterway development and cooperation in the Xijiang River basin.
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